Dharmveer Singh Rajpoot

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Sentiment analysis is one of the prominent fields of data mining that deals with the identification and analysis of sentimental contents generally available at social media. Twitter is one of such social medias used by many users about some topics in the form of tweets. These tweets can be analyzed to find the viewpoints and sentiments of the users by using(More)
In today's era, the increasing demand of recommendation system has shown its applicability in a variety of applications. Such system makes use of various data mining techniques and algorithms in order to identify the accurate choice of item from billion of products for a particular user. This system is classified into various parts namely, Collaborative(More)
In software engineering, information retrieval which is also referred as data mining has attracted many researcher's attention. By the virtue of its definition, data mining is responsible for extracting relevant data from large volume of database or dataset. In this context, several techniques have been proposed in literature. Through this paper, an attempt(More)
Data clustering is one of the prominent fields of data mining which detects natural groups in a dataset. For the high dimensional dataset, traditional methods generally do not perform efficiently to cluster the data. Therefore, this paper proposes a novel metaheuristic method for data clustering based on k-means and improved cuckoo search to extend the(More)
Finding the longest increasing subsequence and its length from a sequence of finite integers is an NP-hard problem. Many significant efforts have been put to provide solutions to this problem with time complexity O(n log n) (n is the size of sequence), O(n2), O(n log log k), O(n) (using parallel processing) and more. In this paper we provide conceptual(More)
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