Dharmraj V. Ghodke

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—Grid-connected unity-power-factor converters based on one-cycle control (OCC) do not require the service of phase-locked loop or any other synchronization circuits for interfacing with the utility. As a result, these schemes are becoming increasingly popular. However, as the power handled by the converter increases, the power factor deteriorates. To(More)
A novel multiplexed scheme is demonstrated to combine two or more pulsed solid state pulsers of moderate capabilities. Pulse power supply comprising of two solid state pulsers of ~6 kW rating each in multiplexed mode with common magnetic pulse compression stage was demonstrated and optimized for operating with a wide aperture kinetically enhanced copper(More)
This paper presents a Maximum Current Point Tracking (MCPT) Controller for SIC MOSFET based high power solid state 2 MHz RF inverter for RF driven H<sup>-</sup> ion source. This RF Inverter is based on a class-D, half-bridge with series resonance LC topology, operating slightly above the resonance frequency (near to 2 MHz). Since plasma systems have a(More)
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