Dharmraj V. Ghodke

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Grid-connected unity-power-factor converters based on one-cycle control (OCC) do not require the service of phaselocked loop or any other synchronization circuits for interfacing with the utility. As a result, these schemes are becoming increasingly popular. However, as the power handled by the converter increases, the power factor deteriorates. To(More)
A cold cathode arc discharge filament based multicusp H- ion source (HNIS) has been developed using an innovative low power igniter system working in a glow discharge regime to achieve a longer lifetime of the filament. This HNIS is cesium-free and its experimental prototype generates a maximum H- ion beam (HNIB) current of 12 mA at 50 keV beam energy in(More)
This paper presents a Maximum Current Point Tracking (MCPT) Controller for SIC MOSFET based high power solid state 2 MHz RF inverter for RF driven H<sup>-</sup> ion source. This RF Inverter is based on a class-D, half-bridge with series resonance LC topology, operating slightly above the resonance frequency (near to 2 MHz). Since plasma systems have a(More)
A novel multiplexed scheme is demonstrated to combine two or more pulsed solid state pulsers of moderate capabilities. Pulse power supply comprising of two solid state pulsers of ~6 kW rating each in multiplexed mode with common magnetic pulse compression stage was demonstrated and optimized for operating with a wide aperture kinetically enhanced copper(More)
The electricity sector in the country have many critical issues regarding the electricity supply, so the renewable energy policies have increased the consumption of solar energy. This paper proposes the single stage inverter with MPPT ( maximum power point tracking) and one cycle controlled (OCC) for the grid connected PV system. OCC scheme is predicated on(More)
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