Dharmesh Mistry

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the stability of the medial aspects of the rugae in patients where rapid maxillary expansion (RME) was performed in addition to fixed appliance therapy. Nineteen subjects that met the inclusion criteria for each group were randomly selected from the archive of one orthodontist office. The RME/fixed appliances(More)
Steganography can be defined as the science of hiding data behind images in such a way that no one except the sender and receiver has any idea about the transfer of hidden message taking place. In this paper, light is thrown on the algorithm using LSB of the image pixels to store data and transfer in a hidden manner, such that it won’t attract attention and(More)
The digital world is growing day by day; many new risks have emerged during the exchange of information around the world; and many ways have evolved to protect the information. In this paper, this paper will conceal information into an image by using three methods that concentrate on the compression of the date before hiding it into the image and then(More)
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