Dharmendra Yadav

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In this paper, we extend Lin [Lin, YJ (2008). Minimax distribution free procedure with backorder price discount. International Journal of Production Economics, 111, 118–128] model by fuzzifying the demand rate, based on triangular fuzzy number to increase its applicability and solve the problem by using an alternative approach i.e., Chebyshev approach. We(More)
This paper presents a rigorous framework of efficient task allocation in heterogeneous distributed environment where server nodes can fail permanently. The system performance can be improved by increasing the probability of serving queued tasks in the distributed computing system (DCS) before all the node fails. For a large set of tasks that is being(More)
One of the most fruitful areas in the line of inventory is that the deficiency of handling/ production facilities can be overcome through a natural phenomenon known as learning effect. Due to this the performance of service and manufacturing organizations engaged in a repetitive process improves with time. The proposed economic order quantity model (EOQ) in(More)
In the present study, an inventory model is developed especially for a manufacturer where manufactured product not only deteriorates continuous but also has a maximum lifetime. It is assumed that supplier offers full trade credit period of M to the manufacturer while due to the strong position in the market, manufacturer provides partial trade credit period(More)
Increasing oil prices, and global warming activates the research and development of substitute energy resources to maintain economic development. The methyl esters of vegetable oil, known as biodiesel are becoming popular because of their low ecological effect and potential as a green substitute for compression ignition engine. The main objective of this(More)
Patterns of software architecture help in describing structural and functional properties of a system in terms of smaller components. The emphasis of this work is on capturing the aspects of pattern descriptions and the properties of inter-component interactions including non-deterministic behavior. Through these descriptions we, capture structural and(More)
3078 ISSN: 2278 – 7798 All Rights Reserved © 2015 IJSETR  Abstract:-A smart-grid for power distribution is a new electrical network based on the digital communication and complete control mechanism which provides energy reliability and energy security for the power distribution networks. It was globally accepted that, it is necessary to improvise the(More)
Distributed frameworks play a critical part on accomplishing superior performance and better system utilization. The objective of a task allocation framework is to productively deal with the disseminated computing power of workstations, servers, and supercomputers keeping in mind the end goal to expand work throughput and system utilization. There are many(More)