Dharmendra Kumar Mishra

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Morphea is a localized scleroderma variety which can be circumscribed or generalized and is characterized by sclerotic plaques developing on trunk and limbs. Surgery and radiation have been implicated as etiological factors for the development of morphea. Majority of the radiation-induced morphea cases have occurred in patients with breast cancer. The(More)
Clinico-haematological features in 10 patients with acquired Haemophilia are presented. Three patients had FVIII inhibitors following pregnancy while in six the cause for development of inhibitors could not be determined. One patient had acquired von Willebrand's disease. Lupus anticoagulant coexisted with Factor VIII inhibitors in three patients. All(More)
Isolated platelet factor 3 (PF3) availability defect has been observed to be a common platelet functional disorder (PFD) in the Department of Haematology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. One hundred and thirty-two patients were diagnosed to have this defect based on the presence of reduced PF3 availability, normal platelet(More)
Eccrine syringofibroadenoma (ESFA) is a very rare benign tumour of intraepidermal part (acrosyringium) of eccrine sweat duct. Based on the evidence of known aetiological factors, two forms have been proposed: reactive ESFA and non-reactive ESFA. Rarely, non-reactive forms have been seen to be associated with ectodermal dysplasia. Reactive type has been(More)
Acquired lymphangioma of vulva is popularly known as acquired or secondary lymphangioma circumscriptum of vulva but the more valid and descriptive terminology should be ‘benign acquired lymphangiectasia of vulva’. Clinically, it presents with the surface lymph blisters seen as multiple, grouped, translucent papules, blisters and nodules chiefly over vulva(More)
Genital porokeratosis is a rare form of porokeratosis which can occur in two ways : in isolated form or as a part of disseminated porokeratosis. The former one is much rarer and less than 50 such cases of isolated involvement of genitalia in porokeratosis has been reported so far. Being a inherited disorder of keratinization, usual mode of heritance is(More)
PEN also known as ‘solitary circumscribed neuroma’ is an uncommon, sporadic, cutaneous, benign, intraneural tumor, which usually presents as asymptomatic, solitary or multiple, firm, rubbery, skin-coloured or pink, papule or nodule, commonly localized on the face or close to a muco-cutaneous junction in middle aged adults with equal sex preponderance [1].(More)