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A total of 113 Jatropha curcas clonal accessions collected from different regions of India were studied to quantify the magnitude of genetic variability present in the test population and to identify important yield-attributing characters useful for developing high-yielding Jatropha cultivars. High heritability was observed for fruits per plant, seeds per(More)
Morphea is a localized scleroderma variety which can be circumscribed or generalized and is characterized by sclerotic plaques developing on trunk and limbs. Surgery and radiation have been implicated as etiological factors for the development of morphea. Majority of the radiation-induced morphea cases have occurred in patients with breast cancer. The(More)
Degradation of nutraceuticals in low- and intermediate-moisture foods heated at high temperature (>100 degrees C) is difficult to model because of the nonisothermal condition. Isothermal experiments above 100 degrees C are difficult to design because they require high pressure and small sample size in sealed containers. Therefore, a nonisothermal method was(More)
Congestion Control (CC) algorithms are essential to quickly restore the network performance back to stable whenever congestion occurs. A majority of the existing CC algorithms are implemented at the transport layer, mostly coupled with TCP. Over the past three decades, CC algorithms have incrementally evolved, resulting in many extensions of TCP. A thorough(More)
Genital porokeratosis is a rare form of porokeratosis which can occur in two ways : in isolated form or as a part of disseminated porokeratosis. The former one is much rarer and less than 50 such cases of isolated involvement of genitalia in porokeratosis has been reported so far. Being a inherited disorder of keratinization, usual mode of heritance is(More)
Because of the growing interest in nutraceuticals and their health benefits , it is important to develop tools for modeling degradation of nutraceuti-cals in low-moisture-and high-temperature-heated foods. The objective of this study was to estimate the kinetic parameters for the degradation of anthocya-nins in grape pomace and to calculate the bootstrap(More)
Thermal diffusivity is an important transport property needed in modeling and computations of transient heat transfer in basic food processing operations. In addition, the prediction of nutritional and microbial changes occurring in food during thermal processing requires knowledge of thermal diffusivity of foods. The objectives of this study were to(More)
Eccrine syringofibroadenoma (ESFA) is a very rare benign tumour of intraepidermal part (acrosyringium) of eccrine sweat duct. Based on the evidence of known aetiological factors, two forms have been proposed: reactive ESFA and non-reactive ESFA. Rarely, non-reactive forms have been seen to be associated with ectodermal dysplasia. Reactive type has been(More)
Eccrine syringofibroadenoma is a very rare benign tumour of acrosyringium of eccrine sweat duct. Based on the evidences of known etiological factors, two forms have been proposed; reactive and nonreactive. Reactive forms are rarer, and on even rarer occasions, trauma complicated by secondary nonspecific infections may lead to the development of reactive(More)
Acquired lymphangioma of vulva is popularly known as acquired or secondary lymphangioma circumscriptum of vulva but the more valid and descriptive terminology should be ‘benign acquired lymphangiectasia of vulva’. Clinically, it presents with the surface lymph blisters seen as multiple, grouped, translucent papules, blisters and nodules chiefly over vulva(More)