Dharmendra Kumar Choudhary

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Plants synthesize secondary metabolites, including flavonoids, which play important role during various stresses for their survival. These metabolites are also considered as health-protective components in functional foods. Flavonols, one of the important groups of flavonoids, apart from performing several roles in plants have been recognized as potent(More)
Externally visible body and longitudinal bone growth is a result of proliferation of chondrocytes. In growth disorder, there is delay in the age associated increase in height. The present study evaluates the effect of extract from transgenic tomato fruit expressing AtMYB12 transcription factor on bone health including longitudinal growth. Constitutive(More)
In the knowledge-base economy, there are major changes in the business during recent years. In this business environment, many organizations are facing stiff competition in the domestic as well as in the global market from their multinational counter part. In this competitive business environment, knowledge has become the key economic resource and the only(More)
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