Dharmendra Chourishi

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In this paper we deal with the problem of an owner sending a message to a group of users such that some subset of users is considered revoked and should not be able to obtain the content of the message. We concentrate on the stateless receiver case, where the users do not update their state from session to session. Many broadcast encryption protocols(More)
In the cloud computing paradigm, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers can provision virtualized hardware and resources to users, removing the need for users to own and operate these resources, which can lead to lower costs and improved performance. This paper gives a general description of most commonly used open source IaaS service platforms. It(More)
IP multicast plays a very important role in group communication. At the network level IP multicast provides an efficient one-to-many IP packets delivery but without providing any reliability guarantees. Desirable features of reliable multicast include low end-to-end delay, high throughput and scalability. Active networks open a new perspective in providing(More)
This paper presents an Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) time series prediction strategy to estimate the current and voltage behaviour of an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). The proposed ELM predictor is designed for both long and short term predictions of the v-i characteristics of an EAF. The proposed predictor is evaluated using two real sensors' outputs(More)
Bluetooth is a personal wireless communication technology and is being applied in many scenarios. It is an emerging standard for short range, low cost, low power wireless access technology. Current existing MAC (Medium Access Control) scheduling schemes only provide best-effort service for all masterslave connections. It is very challenging to provide QoS(More)
In recent years active reliable multicast protocols have gained popularity. However, the existing active reliable multicast protocols are based on receiver-initiated approach for loss recovery. Our approach, named DHARM, distributes the responsibility of loss recovery between the sender and the receivers. It helps to solve the scalability problems like(More)
Purpose: This paper attempts to investigate the transformation in the role of the HR function in Indian firms, as a result of the use of Internet and technology. Design/methodology/approach: The paper is based on both quantitative and qualitative methodology. A survey and focus groups took place in order to meet research objectives. Findings: This paper(More)
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