Dharmender Saini

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Popular article " e-Business " Saini et al. Abstract: The potential of the internet economy demands newer business models and all-round information systems. The cross-enterprise business process requires high coordination of the customers and the suppliers, taking less time and high outcomes. To exploit this potential of the internet economy, companies are(More)
— when a person joins in an organization, he becomes authorize to take some decisions on behalf of that organization; means he is given some authority to exercise. After some time, on the basis of his performance in the organization, he is given promotion and he becomes eligible to exercise to some higher authorities. And further, he may get some higher(More)
More and more people are into online shopping these days. One of the aspects of shopping is giving gifts on special occasions. People make decisions every day. " Which movie should I see? " , " Which city should I visit? " , and " What should I eat? " , " What should I gift to a friend on his birthday? " ... There are too many choices and a little time to(More)
Authentication based on a person's face is one of the most stringent measures to secure a place or system. In this report such a method has been proposed that successfully identifies a person. The proposed algorithm also identifies a person with emotions/varied face expressions. This algorithm first enhances the image and then computes its singular value(More)
Electronic Document authorization is a process of making an electronic document legally bind to the rules and regulation of an authorizing enterprise. The electronic document can be authorized with a single entity –a single person authorizing an electronic document and a group-more than one person is responsible for authorizing an electronic document. An(More)
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