Dharmavani Bhagavathi

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e One of the fundamental algorithmic problems in computer science involves selecting th -th smallest element in a collection of elements. We propose an algorithm design m k A n ethodology to solve the selection problem on meshes with multiple broadcasting. Our methodology leads to a selection algorithm that runs in O( ) time on a mesh n (log n ) 4 n 3/8 1/4(More)
Recently it has been noticed that for semigroup computations and for selection, rectangular meshes with multiple broadcasting yield faster algorithms than their square counterparts. The contribution of this paper is to provide yet another example of a fundamental problem for which this phenomenon occurs.
The purpose of this work is to present simple time-optimal algorithms for a number of convexity-related problems on meshes with multiple broadcasting. More speciically, we show that with an n-vertex convex polygon P as input, the tasks of computing the perimeter , the area, the diameter, the width, the modality, the smallest-area enclosing rectangle, and(More)
In this work, we present a time-and VLSI-optimal sorting algorithm for meshes with multiple broadcasting. Specifically, we show that for every choice of a positive integer constant c, m items \left( {n^{\frac{1} {2} + \frac{1} {{2c}}} \leqslant m \leqslant n} \right) stored in the first \left\lceil {\frac{m} {{\sqrt n }}} \right\rceil columns of a mesh with(More)
Given a collection of objects in the plane along with a viewpoint !, the visibility problem involves determining the portion of each object that is visible to an observer positioned at !. The visibility problem is central to various application areas including computer graphics , image processing, VLSI design, and robot navigation, among many others. The(More)