Dharma Kishore

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In continuing search for compounds with immunomodulatory activity, plant Aralia cachemirica has been found to contain continentalic acid (CA). Isolation of this pharmacologically significant diterpinic acid from Aralia cachemirica is novel. Chemical structure of this compound was identified by spectral analysis as (-)-pimara-8(14), 15-dien-19-oic acid,(More)
Reactions of organic molecules on Montmorillonite clay mineral have been investigated from various aspects. These include catalytic reactions for organic synthesis, chemical evolution, the mechanism of humus-formation, and environmental problems. Catalysis by clay minerals has attracted much interest recently, and many reports including the catalysis by(More)
Inclusion of metabolic considerations in the drug design process leads to significant development in the field of chemical drug targeting and the design of safer drugs during past few years which is a part of an approach now designated as Retro metabolic drug design (RMDD). This approach represents systematic methodologies that integrate structure-activity(More)
The three heteroatoms containing five membered heterocycles such as thiadiazoles have been extensively studied due to their important pharmacological activities. The thiadiazole nucleus is an important class of compounds for new drug development. The chemical and biological behavior and synthesis of thiadiazole derivatives have gained much importance in(More)
In the last decades a number of pyrazole and isoxazole derivatives have been introduced in clinical practice. The therapeutic effectiveness of these agents has been bounded by a number of limiting factors. Due to this, the development of novel, selective, potent and safe agents remains in high priority in medicinal chemistry research. Synthans, such as(More)
Exceedingly facile protocols based on the reactivity of corresponding oxoketenedithioacetal (4), 2-(dimethylaminomethylene) ketone (5), β-oxoenolether (6) and α, β-unsaturated ketone (7) resulted from 7-ethyl-3,4 dihydroazepino[3,2-b] carbazole-2,5 (1H,7H)-dione (3) on its reaction with base catalyzed condensation of (a) CS2+ MeI (b) DMF-DMA (c) H-COOEt and(More)
One-pot heterocyclic synthesis is an exciting research area as it can open routes for the development of otherwise complex transformations in organic synthesis. Heterocyclic compounds show wide spectrum of applications in medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, and materials science. These heterocycles can be generated very efficiently through highly(More)
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