Dharma E. Cortés

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We present an empirical study on the impact of linguistic and cultural tailoring of a conversational agent on its ability to change user attitudes. We designed two bilingual (English and Spanish) conversational agents to resemble members of two distinct cultures (Anglo-American and Latino) and conducted the study with participants from the two corresponding(More)
Two purposive case studies illustrate the role of habits and routines in illness management and how they are addressed in the clinical encounter. We argue habits and routines are related, but distinct constructs, and that by overlooking habits and routines, providers may be missing key opportunities to influence behaviour change. Utilization of(More)
For a world-wide, Internet-based study on HIV/AIDS and HIV testing knowledge, we compared the yields, speed and costs of recruitment and participant diversity across free postings on 13 Internet or social media platforms, paid advertising or postings on 3 platforms, and separate free postings and paid advertisements on Facebook. Platforms were compared by(More)
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