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In this paper, different types of speckle noise and impulse noise removal techniques are presented. Dual Tree complex wavelet transform because of having time and frequency resolution (MRA) and also of its shift invariance property works well in removing the speckle noise. Because of adaptive nature of mask size depending on the noise quantity in the image,(More)
With the development of cloud computing and internet; e-Commerce, e-Business and corporate world revenue are increasing with high rate. These areas not only require scalable and consistent databases but also require inter database transaction support. In this paper, we present, a scalable three-tier architecture along with a distributed middle-ware protocol(More)
Blocking methodologies sometimes fail to stop malicious things. Attacks on data oriented applications are a serious threat as per the database management systems concern. The required objective of such environment is to find out the mean time attacks and patch up the failures within the stipulated time. This manuscript represents a failure (attacked)(More)
Online product reviews provide data about the users perspective on the features that were experienced by them. Product features and corresponding opinions form a major part in analyzing the online product reviews. Extracting features from a huge number of reviews is categorized into three main categories such as utilizing language rules, sequence labeling(More)
Scalable matching is used for summarizing information in large databases such as data warehousing and transaction management. In this paper, we propose a matching approach for integrating database models. We adopt the mixture density function, which basically addresses the number of general properties that attribute matching should fulfill. This approach of(More)