Dharani Vijayakumar

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A multilevel inverter is a power electronic device that is used for high voltage and high power applications, with the added advantages of low switching stress and lower total harmonic distortion (THD), hence reducing the size and bulk of the passive filters. This paper proposes a new topology of a cascaded multilevel inverter that utilizes less number of(More)
Sustainable energy is the energy production without compromising the energy production for the future generations. The existing power grid model does not provide real-time information of transmission devices, security during emergency events, and frequency and voltage control. The proposed scheme consists of location-centric hybrid system architecture for(More)
Modern storage systems are often faced with complex trade-offs between the confidentiality, availability, and performance they offer their users. Secret sharing is a data encoding technique that provides information-theoretically provable guarantees on confidentiality unlike conventional encryption. Additionally, secret sharing provides quantifiable(More)
This paper presents a system model of fuel cell based distributed generation systems (DGS) in a standalone AC power supply system. Non-isolated high step-up DC-DC converters are required widely in the industrial applications. Many of these conventional DC-DC converters have the disadvantages of operating at high duty-cycle, high switch voltage stress and(More)
This paper presents the research platform for real time digital simulation (RTS) applications which replaces the requirement of full scale or partial scale validation of physical systems. To illustrate this, a three phase AC-DC-AC converter topology has been used with diode rectifier, dc link and IGBT inverter with inductive load. This paper presents design(More)
Thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC), the first generation of flexible AC transmission system (FACTS), can control the line impedance through the series introduction of a thyristor controlled reactor across a fixed capacitor with the transmission line. Application of TCSC controller is to control the power flow, to damp out the power oscillations or(More)
This paper concerns a subject oriented clustering algorithm for clustering the web search results obtained from web search engines. The algorithm is designed to create a list of words which serve as suggestions for users of search engines to modify their current search query. When a user executes a query, the algorithm shows potential directions in which(More)
One of the most promising and potent remedies against information overload comes in the form of personalization. It aims to customize the interactions on a website depending on the user's explicit and /or implicit interests and desires. User profiling is a fundamental component of any personalization applications. In this paper, the focus is on search(More)
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