Dharamveer Pradhan

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We have characterized the mutation in a feline model of DMD that selectively eliminates expression of the muscle and Purkinje neuronal dystrophin isoforms. The cortical neuronal isoform was expressed at a detectable level in skeletal muscle in the absence of the muscle promoter and levels of PCR products representing cortical neuronal-type transcripts in(More)
Evaluation of anticancer effect of Sapindus trifoliatus (family-Sapindaceae) which has long been prescribed for various infectious and malignant diseases. Bio-assays of extracts from Sapindus trifoliatus showed that a fraction (fraction 3) from an ethanolic extract had an antiproliferative effect on SKBR3 and MDA-MB435 human breast cancer cells. The ED 50(More)
In the last few decades, the human allosomes are engrossed in an intensive attention among researchers. The allosomes are now already been sequenced and found there are about 2000 and 78 genes in human X and Y chromosomes respectively. The hemizygosity of the human X chromosome in males exposes recessive disease alleles, and this phenomenon has prompted(More)
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