Dharambir Kashyap

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Plants are known to produce a variety of bioactive metabolites which are being used to cure various life threatening and chronic diseases. The molecular mechanism of action of such bioactive molecules, may open up new avenues for the scientific community to develop or improve novel therapeutic approaches to tackle dreadful diseases such as cancer and(More)
Cytotoxic nucleoside analogues were the first chemotherapeutic agents for cancer treatment. Cordycepin, an active ingredient of the insect fungus Cordyceps militaris, is a category of compounds that exhibit significant therapeutic potential. Cordycepin has many intracellular targets, including nucleic acid (DNA/RNA), apoptosis and cell cycle, etc.(More)
In the last few decades, the scientific community has discovered an immense potential of natural compounds in the treatment of dreadful diseases such as cancer. Besides the availability of a variety of natural bioactive molecules, efficacious cancer therapy still needs to be developed. So, to design an efficacious cancer treatment strategy, it is essential(More)
Hormones are a class of molecules, which mediate their effects by regulating a variety of signalling pathways. Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine), a pineal gland hormone, is one among the categories of compounds having various therapeutic and pharmacological effects. Melatonin has many intracellular as well as extracellular targets including(More)
Metal oxide nanoparticles (MO-NPs) are the multidisciplinary nano-scaled molecules which are being used in the diagnosis and treatment of the challenging diseases including cancer. Evidence suggest that antimicrobial formulations in the form of MO-NPs can be possibly used as effective antimicrobial agents. In addition, MO-NPs are known to target various(More)
Natural compounds have been known as biosafety agents for their significant clinical and biological activity against dreadful diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative disorders. Gambogic acid (GA), a naturally occurring xanthone-based moiety, reported from Garcinia hanburyi tree, is known to perform numerous intracellular and(More)
BACKGROUND Plant derived products are not only served as dietary components but also used to treat and prevent the inflammatory associated diseases like cancer. Among the natural products pentacyclic terpenoids including ursolic acid and oleanolic acid are considered as the promising anti-inflammatory therapeutic agents. OBJECTIVES The current review(More)
For several decades, bioactive phytochemicals have been appreciated to prevent and cure various lethal diseases. Many studies have proven the ability of dietary phytochemicals to avoid and retard tumor initiation and progression. Among the pharmacologically active moieties, terpenoids are considered one of the most important classes. Carnosol, is also a(More)
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