Dharak Shah

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The Andd7 team from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology(DA-IICT) participated in both the subtasks namely Temporal Query Intent Classification(TQIC) and Temporal Information Retrieval(TIR) of the pilot task of NTCIR-11 Temporal Information Access(Temporalia) Task [4]. This report describes different classification methods(More)
Usually, movies are associated with at least one genre. Assigning a genre to a movie gives the observer an idea about the generic theme of the movie. The trend of associating movies with genres has developed with the continuously increasing number of movies produced over the years and the similarities observed among these movies. It is difficult to exactly(More)
As Application Denial of Service attacks have rapidly become a commonplace threat for doing business on the Internet more proof that Web application security is more critical now than ever. Denial of Service attacks can result in significant loss of service, money and reputation for organizations. The paper is proposed to build application layer filters to(More)
SunOS 5.0 is the operating system component of Solaris 2.0. SunOS 5.0 contains the kernel support for multiple threads of control in a single process address space. This allows a single application to efficiently overlap I/O operations and to take advantage of more than one processor, if available. We describe some of the issues in using and converting(More)
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