Dhanya Dharmapalan

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INTRODUCTION Antibiotic resistance is a topic of global concern these days. Irrational, excessive use of antibiotics by the general public is one of the key factors responsible for this. AIM Through this study, we aim to analyse the knowledge, attitude and practices of antibiotics use among parents of children presenting to a tertiary care hospital in(More)
Promotion of appropriate and safe drugs in children is the need of the hour globally. Pediatric population by itself is a spectrum of different physiologies with significant variation in pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. Unfortunately, 50-90% of drugs used in children today have never been actually studied in this population, and the results of drug(More)
The prevalence of antimicrobial resistance in India is among the highest in the world. Antimicrobial use in inpatient settings is an important driver of resistance, but is poorly characterized, particularly in hospitalized children. In this study, conducted as part of the Global Antimicrobial Resistance, Prescribing, and Efficacy in Neonates and Children(More)
Background There is real shortage of national data on antimicrobial resistance rates in Indian neonates and children. A descriptive review was conducted to determine the patterns of antimicrobial resistance in isolates of blood stream infection among hospitalized children in India. Methods Published and gray literature on antibiotic resistance in children(More)
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