Dhanashri J Godbole

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We describe here the use of Alta, a pre-existing scarlet-red stain of cosmetic use, for staining proteins on sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) polyacrylamide gels, as well as for a single step staining of gels and nitrocellulose membranes during Western blot analysis. This stain, which is composed of 0.8% Crocein scarlet (brilliant crocein) and 0.2% Rhodamine B,(More)
Proteasomes have been shown to be involved in the regulation of melanin biosynthesis in melanoma cells. Here we report on the correlation between proteasome subunits and Tyrosinase (Tyr) activity in different cell phenotypes, and thereby regulation of melanin biosynthesis in B16F10 mouse melanoma cells. Our results indicated that the quantity of proteasome(More)
Tyrosinase, the rate-limiting enzyme of melanin synthesis pathway is under tight metabolic regulation. In this report, results on the pattern and rate of degradation of tyrosinase in amelanotic and melanotic B16 melanoma cells, the spontaneously formed two phenotypes of the same cell line, are presented. The results indicate that tyrosinase in amelanotic(More)
We describe here a simple method of staining nitrocellulose/PVDF blots by Alta. This red-colored stain which is used as a cosmetic contains Crocein scarlet and Rhodamine B as the principal components. It is very cheap, is available as a ready-to-use liquid, and is as sensitive as the most commonly used stain Ponceau Red S. We further demonstrate that(More)
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