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This paper has discussed some of the common Mobility Models and few uncommon ones and their impact on various networks and routing parameters. In the past, mobility models were rather casually used to evaluate network performance under different routing protocols. Therefore, the network performance will be strongly influenced by the nature of the mobility(More)
Internet-of-Things (IoT) is the convergence of Internet with RFID, Sensor and smart objects. IoT can be defined as “things belonging to the Internet” to supply and access all of real-world information. Billions of devices are expected to be associated into the system and that shall require huge distribution of networks as well as the process(More)
The link layer routing protocols  6lowpan Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing (LOAD) and Dynamic MANET On-demand for 6lowpan (DYMO-low) are integrated in 6lowpan stack. The stack is less complicated and it support IPv6 enabled packets route for biomedical data. Both routing protocols are modified and developed new approach for patient(More)
This paper presents a new concept of MAC and LOAD protocols for IP based ubiquitous healthcare system. The system used IEEE 802.15.4 standard lowpan with integrated IPv6. For healthcare system we added LOAD (6lowpan Ad-hoc on Demand Distance Vector) and MAC (Medium Access Control) protocols in Harvanpsilas 6lowpan stack. 6lowpan stack has ability to connect(More)
– The Internet of things can be defined as to make the " things " belong to the Internet. However, many wonder if the current Internet can support such a challenge. For this and other reasons, hundreds of worldwide initiatives to redesign the Internet are underway. This article discusses the perspectives, challenges and opportunities behind a future(More)
Multi-channel assignments are becoming the solution of choice to improve performance in single radio for wireless networks. Multi-channel allows wireless networks to assign different channels to different nodes in real-time transmission. In this paper, we propose a new approach, Multi-channel Distributed Coordinated Function (MC-DCF) which takes advantage(More)
This paper has proposed an energy consumption algorithm in 6lowpan networks. The performance results have been analyzed mathematical and simulation compression between energy and density. We have designed global healthcare monitoring system. In this system, wearable {6lowpan + biomedical (IP-BSNs)} sensor are fixed into the patient's body area networks that(More)