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This paper summarizes a transaction-based verification methodology (TBV) that makes functional verification of RTL descriptions using simulation more effective By raising the verification effort to a higher level of abstraction, an engineer can develop and diagnose tests from a system level perspective. This capability enhances the reusability of each(More)
Parallel Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication (PSpMV) is a compute intensive kernel used in iterative solvers like Conjugate Gradient, GMRES and Lanzcos. Numerous attempts at optimizing this function have been made that require fine tuning of many hardware and software parameters to achieve optimal performance. We attempt to offer a simple framework that(More)
This paper presents the underlying theory and the performance of a cluster using a new 2-hop network topology. This topology is constructed using a symmetric equation and Singer Difference Sets and is called SymSig. The degree of connections at each node with SymSig is about half compared to previous methods using Singer Difference Sets. A comparison with a(More)
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