Dhammika Weerakkody

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Cancer is a complex disease with a range of genetic and biochemical markers within and among tumors, but a general tumor characteristic is extracellular acidity, which is associated with tumor growth and development. Acidosis could be a universal marker for cancer imaging and the delivery of therapeutic molecules, but its promise as a cancer biomarker has(More)
What are the molecular events that occur when a peptide inserts across a membrane or exits from it? Using the pH-triggered insertion of the pH low insertion peptide to enable kinetic analysis, we show that insertion occurs in several steps, with rapid (0.1 sec) interfacial helix formation, followed by a much slower (100 sec) insertion pathway to give a(More)
A series of cyclic peptides containing a number of tryptophan (W) and glutamic acid (E) residues were synthesized and evaluated as pH-sensitive agents for targeting of acidic tissue and pH-dependent cytoplasmic delivery of molecules. Biophysical studies revealed the molecular mechanism of peptides action and localization within the lipid bilayer of the(More)
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