Dhaifalla K. Al-Mutairi

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A two-parameter weighted Lindley distribution is proposed for modeling survival data. The proposed distribution has the property that the hazard rate (mean residual life) function exhibits bathtub (upside-down bathtub) or increasing (decreasing) shapes. Simulation studies are conducted to investigate the performance of the maximum likelihood estimators and(More)
A new two-parameter power Lindley distribution is introduced and its properties are discussed. These include the shapes of the density and hazard rate functions, themoments, skewness and kurtosis measures, the quantile function, and the limiting distributions of order statistics. Maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters and their estimated asymptotic(More)
This paper deals with the estimation of the stress-strength parameter R = P (Y < X) when X and Y are independent Lindley random variables with different shape parameters. The uniformly minimum variance unbiased estimator has explicit expression, however, its exact or asymptotic distribution is very difficult to obtain. The maximum likelihood estimator of(More)
Although the literature on univariate count regression models allowing for overdispersion is huge, there are few multivariate count regression models allowing for correlation and overdiseprsion. The latter models can find applications in several disciplines such as epidemiology, marketing, sports statistics, criminology, just to name a few. In this paper,(More)
This paper deals with the estimation of the stress-strength parameter R = P (Y < X), when X and Y are two independent weighted Lindley random variables with a common shape parameter. The MLEs can be obtained by maximizing the profile loglikelihood function in one dimension. The asymptotic distribution of the MLEs are also obtained, and they have been used(More)
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