Dhabaleswar K. Panda

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Although InfiniBand Architecture is relatively new in the high performance computing area, it offers many features which help us to improve the performance of communication subsystems. One of these features is Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) operations. In this paper, we propose a new design of MPI over InfiniBand which brings the benefit of RDMA to not(More)
Currently, I/O device virtualization models in virtual machine (VM) environments require involvement of a virtual machine monitor (VMM) and/or a privileged VM for each I/O operation, which may turn out to be a performance bottleneck for systems with high I/O demands, especially those equipped with modern high speed interconnects such as In-
Modern interconnects like Myrinet and Gigabit Ethernet offer Gb/s speeds which has put the onus of reducing the communication latency on messaging software. This has led to the development of OS bypass protocols which removed the kernel from the critical path and hence reduced the end-to-end latency. With the advent of programmable NICs, many aspects of(More)
Over the last twenty years the interfaces for accessing persistent storage within a computer system have remained essentially unchanged. Simply put, seek, read and write have defined the fundamental operations that can be performed against storage devices. These three interfaces have endured because the devices within storage subsystems have not(More)
As the size and complexity of modern computing systems keep increasing to meet the demanding requirements of High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, manageability is becoming a critical concern to achieve both high performance and high productivity computing. Meanwhile, virtual machine (VM) technologies have become popular in both industry and(More)
This paper describes the Aggregate Remote Memory Copy Interface (ARMCI), a portable high performance remote memory access communication interface, developed originally under the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Computational Testing and Simulation Toolkit project and currently used and advanced as a part of the run-time layer of the DOE project,(More)
Networks of Workstations (NOW) have become an attractive alternative platform for high performance computing. Due to the commodity nature of workstations and interconnects and due to the multiplicity of vendors and platforms, the NOW environments are being gradually redefined as Heterogeneous Networks of Workstations (HNOW) environments. This paper presents(More)
This paper proposes a novel concept of multidestination worm mechanism which allows a message to be propagated in a wormhole network conforming to the underlying base routing scheme (ecube, planar, turn, or fully adaptive). Using this model, any source has potential to deliver a message to multiple destinations in any valid path in the system conforming to(More)
Memcached is a key-value distributed memory object caching system. It is used widely in the data-center environment for caching results of database calls, API calls or any other data. Using Memcached, spare memory in data-center servers can be aggregated to speed up lookups of frequently accessed information. The performance of Memcached is directly related(More)
Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a popular parallel programming model for scientific applications. Most high-performance MPI implementations use Rendezvous Protocol for efficient transfer of large messages. This protocol can be designed using either RDMA Write or RDMA Read. Usually, this protocol is implemented using RDMA Write. The RDMA Write based(More)