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The dependence upon haematocrit of the readings of different methods of reflectometric blood glucose determination ( Eyetone /Dextrostix: Reflomat / Reflotest Hypoglycaemie , Reflomat / Reflotest Glucose, Glucometer /Dextrostix) was studied in blood samples adjusted to haematocrit values between 0.47 and 0.90. In general the reflectometric methods measure(More)
A retrospective epidemiological study using primary data sources and external validation was made to assess the incidence of childhood diabetes (0-14 yr) over a ten-year period. The degree of ascertainment was 96.2 per cent. Age-specific incidence rates increased until puberty with peak incidence in girls at 10 year and in boys at 13 year. There was a(More)
A retrospective epidemiological study using primary data sources and external validation was conducted to assess the incidence of childhood (0 to 14 years) Type 1 diabetes in Hungary (excluding the Budapest region) over a 10-year period. Hospital records and regional diabetes centres' registries served as primary data sources, and data were validated by(More)
Serum C-peptide concentrations at delivery and neonatal complications were investigated in a group of diabetic mothers and in their infants (IDM, n = 29). Furthermore, the changes in B-cell function and in daily insulin demand was followed up in 12 pregnant diabetics (of them 8 with long-term and 4 with short-term and "mild" diabetes) during pregnancy. All(More)
A method has been worked out for the intensive care of pregnant diabetics with the object of preventing damage both to the mother and the fetus. The method requires close cooperation between a team of doctors including obstetrician, internist and pediatrician. The present paper reports the experience of the first two years of application of the method and(More)
"Limited" phototherapy was used to treat full term babies with and without ABO-isoimmunization. Serum indirect bilirubin levels calling for irradiation during the first five days of life are summarized in a diagram (Fig. 1). Seperate indications were given for babies with different etiologies of jaundice, maturity (gestational age and birthweight) and(More)