Dezhong Zheng

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Fire is a kind of disaster threatening the social wealth and humanity's safety. The fire detection is the special type signal’s detection, system must have the ability of automatic adjust the operational parameters to adapt to the environment change. Traditional fire detection systems’ intellectualized degree are low, the error alarm and the leakage take(More)
In this paper, we propose a virtual reality (VR) platform as a case study of machine learning, in this case applied to the goal representation heuristic dynamic programming (GrHDP) approach. In general, a VR platform normally includes a physical module, a control/learning module, and a VR module. It facilitates machine learning research, where scientists(More)
In accordance with the requirements for home security and safe guard, a new type of intelligent monitoring system is researched and developed. The system is established with CAN bus and wireless as the foundation. Multi-sensor technology is used to improve the alarm algorithm of the system, a new fuzzy neural network is put forward as the classifier. There(More)
The image quality is a crucial factor for calculating flame temperature field based on the color CCD method. However, much unknown noise in flame images would prevent from obtaining the temperature with accuracy. To eliminate noise, the wavelet denoising with soft-threshold is considered to be effective. An important parameter for this procedure is(More)
This article design PON with working vacation mechanism about bandwidth distribution in uplink direction, and optimize the serving rate of vacation and roving by ant colony algorithms (ACA), giving the objective function. The convergence speed can be improved by setting the threshold of objectives. More and more ants concentrate towards the optimal solution(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship among circadian blood pressure rhythm, autonomic nervous system and myocardial energy expenditure (MEE) level in patients with primary hypertension. METHODS A total of 102 hypertensive and 45 normotensive subjects were recruited. According to blood pressure reduction rate at night, the hypertensive patients were(More)
Arc fault is one of the primary reasons that cause electrical fire. In power supply line, if arc fault occurs, the currents can not make protective equipments act, the arc fault can not be found easily, so electrical fire comes into being. Based on LabWindows/CVI, experimental studied the on-line arc fault detection system. AT89S51 Single Chip Microcomputer(More)
According to the production actuality of thermodynamic industry, this paper makes heat-exchange process of heat-supply production the subject, integrates measurement technology, information fusion technology, computer technology, control technology, and fault diagnosis technology organically, and completely creates a network intelligent heat-exchange(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the role of osteoprotegerin (OPG) in left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) development in patients with essential hypertension (EH). A total of 1092 patients diagnosed with EH were recruited. The LVHs were determined and OPG gene polymorphisms were genotyped. Patients with LVH had a significantly higher mean serum OPG(More)
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