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This paper presents a novel self-assembly modular robot (Sambot) that also shares characteristics with self-reconfigurable and self-assembly and swarm robots. Each Sambot can move autonomously and connect with the others. Multiple Sambot can be self-assembled to form a robotic structure, which can be reconfigured into different configurable robots and can(More)
Self-assembly is a process during which pre-existing components are autonomously organized into some special patterns or structures without human intervention. In this paper, we propose a new control algorithm on distributed self-assembly which is implemented on the Sambot robot platform. A directional self-assembly control model is proposed, in which a(More)
In this paper, putting red mud into granulated blast furnace slag and minor clinker system to make special cementitious materials used in high performance concrete was studied. Effect factors of the cementitious materials compressive strength were analyzed by signal and orthogonal experimental design. The signal experimental showed: in the slag(More)
Redescription of Balantidium ctenopharyngodoni “Chen (Acta Hydrobiol Sin 1:123–164, 1955)”, collected from the hindgut of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), especially the segment of 6–10 cm upstream from the anus, from Honghu Lake, Hubei Province, central China in November 2005, is presented in this paper to complete Chen’s description at both light and(More)
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