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An automatic detection method of preceding lane and vehicle for structural road is proposed. Lane model is dynamic switched for different road, and then the rapidity of linear lane detection and the accuracy of curve lane detection are achieved using Kalman tacking technique. The initial vehicle detection region is dynamic determined with shadow detected by(More)
In the paper, a practical method for road detection is proposed. Many features of vehicle are introduced to detect the preceding vehicles. According to the characteristics of lane marks and vehicles, the improved Sobel operator convolution kernel is introduced in the image preprocessing to enhance the robustness of the algorithm. In order to be feasible to(More)
The technique of multi-sensor fusion has already been used widely in intelligent vehicle environment perception. The spatial calibration of the radar and camera is the basis for road detection with information fusion real-timely. So, a method of spatial calibration of radar and the camera has been proposed to implement the spatial calibration of the two(More)
  • Dezhi Gao
  • Intelligent Information Management
  • 2010
Restrictive partially blind signatures incorporate the advantages of restrictive blind signatures and partially blind signatures, which play an important role in electronic commerce. Recently, Chen-Zhang-Liu first proposed an ID-based restrictive partially blind (IRPB) signature from bilinear pairings. Later, Hu-Huang showed that the Chen-Zhang-Liu’s scheme(More)
In order to enhance the real-time and robustness of driver assistance system, an algorithm of preceding vehicles detection based on vehicle features is proposed in this paper. According to the characteristics of lane marks and vehicles, such methods as adaptive threshold based on sampling, adaptive double-threshold and the smallest univalve segment(More)
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