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Finding new materials with targeted properties has traditionally been guided by intuition, and trial and error. With increasing chemical complexity, the combinatorial possibilities are too large for an Edisonian approach to be practical. Here we show how an adaptive design strategy, tightly coupled with experiments, can accelerate the discovery process by(More)
The large thermal hysteresis (ΔT) during the temperature induced martensitic transformation is a major obstacle to the functional stability of shape memory alloys (SMAs), especially for high temperature applications. We propose a design strategy for finding SMAs with small thermal hysteresis. That is, a small ΔT can be achieved in the compositional(More)
We compare several adaptive design strategies using a data set of 223 M2AX family of compounds for which the elastic properties [bulk (B), shear (G), and Young's (E) modulus] have been computed using density functional theory. The design strategies are decomposed into an iterative loop with two main steps: machine learning is used to train a regressor that(More)
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