Dezhao Chen

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A new procedure integrating multivariate statistical analysis with artificial neural networks (ANN) for complex pattern classification is proposed. Firstly, a specially designed statistical analysis algorithm called correlative component analysis (CCA) was used to identify the classification characteristics (CC) from original high-dimensional pattern(More)
The adaptive resonance theory 2 (ART2) neural network exhibits several properties which can be useful in the data mining and which are lacking in most other neural networks. But ART2 has deficiencies that the categories clustered by ART2 are very mutable to slight changes in training conditions. An improved ART2 with enhanced triplex matching mechanism,(More)
Considering that the two-dimensional (2D) feature map of the high-dimensional chemical patterns can more concisely and efficiently represent the pattern characteristic, a new procedure integrating self-organizing map (SOM) networks with correlative component analysis (CCA) is proposed. Firstly, CCA was used to identify the most important classification(More)
Due to the learning problem on skewed distribution datasets, which tend to produce high accuracy over the majority class but poor predictive accuracy over the minority class by traditional machine learning algorithms, fuzzy information granulation based knowledge discovery and decision support model called FIG mode is proposed in this paper to improve(More)
Discretization of real value attributes (features) is an important pre-processing task in data mining, particularly for classification problems, and it has received significant attentions in machine learning community (Chmielewski & Grzymala-Busse, 1994; Dougherty et al., 1995; Nguyen & Skowron, 1995; Nguyen, 1998; Liu et al., 2002). Various studies have(More)
Wiki, as a new collaboration platform, provides an appropriate way for information services of digital library. This paper analyzes the features of Wiki-based integrated information services of digital library, and makes a brief introduction to its application to the development of digital libraries in China and abroad. It also points out that Wiki has(More)