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Endoscopists currently rely on an invasive biopsy tattooing method to identify previously biopsied sites. In order to better guide endoscopists to find the biopsy positions in follow-ups, we proposed a non-invasive image guided biopsy marking system for gastroscopy. Using an electromagnetic tracking device, the position of the gastroscope relative to the(More)
In this paper, three preconditioned parallel multisplitting methods are established for solving the large sparse linear systems, including local preconditioned parallel multisplitting relaxation method, global preconditioned parallel multisplitting relaxation method and global preconditioned nonstationary parallel multisplitting relaxation method. The(More)
A series of 4-(2-fluorophenoxy)quinoline derivatives containing an imidazolone moiety were designed, synthesized and evaluated for their in vitro biological activities against c-Met kinase and four cancer cell lines (A549, H460, HT-29 and MKN-45). Most compounds showed moderate to excellent activities in enzyme and cellular assays. The most promising(More)
Abstract—In this paper, we present preconditioned generalized accelerated overrelaxation (GAOR) methods for solving certain nonsingular linear system. We compare the spectral radii of the iteration matrices of the preconditioned and the original methods. The comparison results show that the preconditioned GAOR methods converge faster than the GAOR method(More)
In this paper, we propose an approach for reconstruction of an anatomic surface model from point cloud data using the Screened Poisson Surface Reconstruction algorithm, which requires a collection of points and their normal vectors. Various algorithms exist for estimating normal vectors for point cloud data; however, in this work we describe a novel(More)
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