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The primary problem to be solved for Cloud Computing is the formation of resource cloud. Cloud formation is from small to large process and dynamic complex process that can be achieved well using a self-organizing method. A new resource management method for Cloud Computing, resource self-organizing model that can form self-government resource groups in the(More)
Since finding the minimum connected dominating set (MCDS) in an arbitrary graph is a NP-hard problem, many algorithms have been proposed to construct an approximation of the MCDS for efficient routing in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). To address the weaknesses of these existing algorithms, we propose a novel distributed MCDS approximation algorithm,(More)
Grid computing has been a hot spot recent year. In grid computing applications, resource management and job scheduling are the most crucial problems in grid computing systems. In this paper, we try to present a novel agent-based dynamic grid resource management model considering both the resource management and job scheduling as a coalition integrity, so as(More)
Grid resource allocation in grid environment has been studied extensively in recent years. Based on analyzing the existing grid resource allocation algorithms, this paper gives out a novel grid resource allocation algorithm based on fuzzy clustering. The proposed algorithm subtly assigns appropriate resource to the very task that exactly satisfy its¿ needs(More)
Kahn Process Network (KPN) is a popular model for data streaming applications. Since it is impractical to implement an idealized KPN model with unbounded channel capacities, a bounded scheduling policy has been proposed by T. M. Parks. However, this policy would lead to artificial deadlocks in PN. Several deadlock detection mechanisms have been proposed to(More)
Grid computing provides new solutions for numerous complex problems. It is an inevitable trend to implement the distributed parallel computing of large-scale problems with the grid. This paper presents two implementations for distributed parallel computing on globus toolkit, a wide-used grid environment. The first implementation, loosely coupled parallel(More)
This paper studies the system parameters that affect the total cost of managing the multicast group on a router. A Petri net model is first proposed to describe the states and transitions of the multicast group management. Based on this model, a delayed vacation queue, extended from a simple M/M/l queue, is used to analyze the total cost of the multicast(More)
Cloud Computing is very fruitful area for today's business. It provide lot of advantages like reduction of hardware and software cost for organization. Organization not has to invest a lot of money for their infrastructure and they gain full benefit of their investment. Number of cloud provider also increasing some of which have their own data center(More)