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The anatomical connectivity of the human cerebral cortex resembles a "small-world" architecture, which is characterized by the coexistence of structurally segregated and integrative connectivity patterns. However, organizational differences in networks among individuals remain largely unknown. Here, we utilize diffusion tensor imaging tractography and(More)
The cognitive division of anterior cingulate cortex (ACC-cd) plays an important role in cognitive control via a distributed attention network. The structural hemispheric asymmetries of ACC have been revealed by several neuroimaging studies. However potential functional hemispheric asymmetries of ACC remain less clear. Investigating the functional(More)
BACKGROUND Prior research has shown that the amygdala of carriers of the short allele (s) of the serotonin transporter (5-HTT) gene (5-HTTLPR) have a larger response to negative emotional stimuli and higher spontaneous activity during the resting state than non-carriers. However, recent studies have suggested that the effects of 5-HTTLPR may be specific to(More)
We employed a sulcal geometry-based approach to investigate the morphology of the central sulcus (CS) in musicians (pianists). The anterior and posterior walls of the CS were first manually outlined from high-resolution magnetic resonance (MR) images of 41 right-handed subjects (20 musicians and 21 controls), followed by a surface reconstruction and(More)
Chitosan oligosaccharide (COS) was grafted on hydrolyzed wheat gliadin (HWG) with microbial transglutaminase (MTGase) as catalyst. The grafting reaction exhibited the best performance when it was done under the optimum temperature 50°C for 50min with HWG/COS mass ratio of 40:1, pH 6.00-6.50. The maximum grafting rate of COS was 64.83% at this condition. The(More)
With the increasing openness of the power market, the power generation enterprise will have more initiative power in the dispatching output, thus it is extremely important to set up the dispatching model based on the profits of power stations. In this paper, the wind power, thermal power and pumped storage power stations are three independent parties. After(More)
Accelerated life testing is a valuable tool to get information quickly on lifetime distribution which is achieved by subjecting the test units to conditions that are more severe than the normal ones. This paper firstly describes a model for multiple stress-type accelerated life data which is based on the widely known Log-Linear Model (Ref. 1) and is(More)
Cylinder, which converts pressure of compressed gas into mechanical energy, is one of main pneumatic actuators in electromechanical products. With application of cylinder becoming broader and broader, the demand on high reliability of cylinder gets more and more urgent. In order to improve the reliability of cylinder, it must be made clear the failure(More)
Two microsporidian isolates were extracted from single infected egg-laying tussah silk moth (Antheraea pernyi) in Liaoning Province, China. The microsporidia were subsequently grown in silk moth larvae, isolated, and subjected to morphological characterization (by light and transmission electron microscopy) and phylogenetic analysis (based on conserved(More)