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Uncertainty exists widely in the subjective and objective world. In all kinds of uncertainty, randomness and fuzziness are the most important and fundamental. In this paper, the relationship between randomness and fuzziness is discussed. Uncertain states and their changes can be measured by entropy and hyper-entropy respectively. Taken advantage of entropy(More)
Trust and security have prevented businesses from fully accepting cloud platforms. To protect clouds, providers must first secure virtualized data center resources, uphold user privacy, and preserve data integrity. The authors suggest using a trust-overlay network over multiple data centers to implement a reputation system for establishing trust between(More)
A data mining system, DBMiner, has been developed for interactive mining of multiple-level knowledge in large relational databases. The system implements a wide spectrum of data mining functions, including generalization, characterization, association, classi cation, and prediction. By incorporating several interesting data mining techniques, including(More)
The widely use of GPS-enabled devices has provided us amount of trajectories related to individuals' activities. This gives us an opportunity to learn more about the users' daily lives and offer optimized suggestions to improve people's trip styles. In this paper, we mine regular routes from a users' historical trajectory dataset, and provide ridesharing(More)
ATBaM, A novel numeric relational data watermarking method, is presented in this paper. ATBaM substantially improves watermark security by using image scrambling technology which could confuse the well-regulated watermarking information and diffuse errors. Theoretical analysis proves the correctness and security of ATBaM. Also, experimental results show the(More)