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High temperature shape memory polymers that can withstand the harsh temperatures for durable applications are synthesized, and the aromatic polyimide chains with flexible linkages within the backbone act as reversible phase. High molecular weight (Mn) is demanded to form physical crosslinks as fixed phase of thermoplastic shape memory polyimide, and the(More)
Recent genome-wide association study associated rs556621 on chromosome 6p21.1 with the risk of large artery atherosclerotic (LAA) stroke in Caucasians. However, subsequent replicate studies showed conflict results in different ethnicities. This study aimed to evaluate whether rs556621 was associated with LAA stroke in Chinese Han population. In this(More)
Cellular therapy with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) protects cortical neurons against hypoxic-ischemic injury of stroke. Although sorts of efforts have been made to confirm the neuroprotective effect of MSCs on neurons against hypoxic-ischemic injury, the mechanism is until now far away from clear. Here in this study, oxygen-glucose deprivation(More)
A novel gene, OsAHL1, containing an AT-hook motif and a PPC domain was identified through genome-wide profiling and analysis of mRNAs by comparing the microarray of drought-challenged versus normally watered rice. The results indicated OsAHL1 has both drought avoidance and drought tolerance that could greatly improve drought resistance of the rice plant.(More)
Data fusion is usually performed prior to classification in order to reduce the input space. These dimensionality reduction techniques help to decline the complexity of the classification model and thus improve the classification performance. The traditional supervised methods demand labeled samples, and the current network traffic data mostly is not(More)
High cycle-life is important for shape memory materials exposed to numerous cycles, and here we report shape memory polyimide that maintained both high shape fixity (Rf) and shape recovery (Rr) during the more than 1000 bending cycles tested. Its critical stress is 2.78 MPa at 250 °C, and the shape recovery process can produce stored energy of 0.218 J g(-1)(More)
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