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High-rate composting studies on green waste, i.e. banana leaves (BL) and lawn clippings (LC), were conducted in 0.25-m3 rotary barrel composters to evaluate and model changes in key physico-chemical parameters during composting. Time to compost maturity and antagonistic effects and relationships of composts against Pythium ultimum were also investigated.(More)
Node of Ranvier distribution is examined in the two basic types of CNS-PNS transitional zone (TZ) related to rat spinal nerves. Type 1 TZ is short and lies at the cord surface. Type 2 is long and lies in the proximal part of the rootlet. Nearest neighbour distance measures the length between adjacent node centres and is a better estimate of node spacing(More)
Node of Ranvier density was examined at three levels along rat lumbar motoneuron axon bundles: where they lie in the central nervous system, in the peripheral nervous system and in the transitional zone (TZ) between these. Density was considerably and significantly greater in the TZ than in either of the other locations. It is possible that such densely(More)
The aims of this experimental scanning electron microscopic study were to identify the levels at which cervical ventral nerve roots, or the rootlets by which they are attached to the spinal cord, rupture under traction and to document the resulting damage. This information would provide the basis of a rationale for repairing rootlet avulsions which may(More)
Pyrolysis-gas chromatography is shown to be a rapid straightforward method for the qualitative differentiation of the macrolide antibiotics erythromycin, oleandomycin, troleandomycin, spiramycin and tylosin. Organic salts do not interfere and identification of erythromycin and troleandomycin in commercial products is viable. Spectrophotometric quantitation(More)
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