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We theoretically predict and experimentally observe the two-dimensional (2-D) bright solitons in a nonconventionally biased strontium barium niobate (SBN) crystal. A theory describing light propagating in an SBN crystal with a bias field along an arbitrary direction is formulated. Then the existence of 2-D bright solitons in such a crystal is numerically(More)
Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2 ) and tungsten disulfide (WS2 ), two representative transition metal dichalcogenide materials, have captured tremendous interest for their unique electronic, optical, and chemical properties. Compared with MoS2 and WS2 , molybdenum ditelluride (MoTe2 ) and tungsten ditelluride (WTe2 ) possess similar lattice structures while(More)
Few-layer transition-metal dichalcogenide WSe2/MoSe2 nanosheets are fabricated by a liquid exfoliation technique using sodium deoxycholate bile salt as surfactant, and their nonlinear optical properties are investigated based on a balanced twin-detector measurement scheme. It is demonstrated that both types of nanosheets exhibit nonlinear saturable(More)
To meet the requirements of riser safety monitoring in offshore oil fields, a new Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)-based bundle-structure riser stress monitoring sensor has been developed. In cooperation with many departments, a 49-day marine test in water depths of 1365 m and 1252 m was completed on the "HYSY-981" ocean oil drilling platform. No welding and(More)
A novel multilayer photonic structure is proposed to achieve the strong enhancement of light absorption in monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). Both numerical and analytical results illustrate that the absolute absorption of light in this atomically thin layer can approach as high as 96% at the visible wavelengths due to the excitation of Tamm plasmon(More)
Location-based services are widely used in the Internet services. The method of location cloaking is used to effectively protect the user's location privacy. The current cloaking algorithm does not take into account the regional characteristics, such as population density, popularity level and so on, based on which an attacker can often infer user's exact(More)
Sound velocity is important to study the elastic behaviors of materials in high pressure physics and the accuracy acquisition of travel time for velocity calculation is very essential. Thermoelastic finite element models of ultrasonic displacement field induced by a subnanosecond pulsed laser in metal films with a diamond anvil cell are established and the(More)
The effect of asymmetry caused by oblique line-shaped laser ablation on the generation of ultrasonic waves in metal, especially the effect of transverse component of the ablation force source on the ultrasonic waves is analyzed. Due to the oblique force source, the displacements of shear wave increase obviously by the enhanced shear force, the energy(More)
An all-fiber optical heterodyne detection configuration was proposed based on an all-fiber acousto-optic structure, which acted as both frequency shifter and coupler at the same time. The vibration waveform within a frequency range between 1 Hz to 200 kHz of a piezoelectric mirror was measured using this optical heterodyne detection system. The minimal(More)
Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) is an important technology for expanding the capacity of optical network. The optical component based on the superimposed Bragg gratings shows that it can be used as one of advantageous multichannel components because of its excellent angle and wavelength selectivities. An optimized method for recording multiple(More)