Dexing Xiao

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In the course of our research for biologically active constituents from coniferous plants, a chromone derivative (1) and an abietane derivative (2) were isolated along with several diterpenes from Chamaecyparis pisifera. Structures of the new compounds were determined to be 5,7-dihydroxy-2-(1-acetyl-2-methoxycarbonylethyl)-chromone and(More)
The development of the floral bud, especially the ovule and seed coat, of Sinomanglietia glauca was observed. Floral buds were covered by eight to nine hypsophyll pieces. The hypsophyll nearest the tepal was closed completely and characterized by two arrays of densely stained cells with dense cytoplasm, which split longitudinally at flowering. The perianth(More)
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