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Ethanol can be produced via an intracellular photosynthetic process in cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), excreted through the cell walls, collected from closed photobioreactors as a dilute ethanol-in-water solution, and purified to fuel grade ethanol. This sequence forms the basis for a biofuel production process that is currently being examined for its(More)
The utility of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of acute cholecystitis was evaluated in 72 consecutive individuals (5 healthy, 13 with chronic cholecystitis andsilent gallbladder stones, 43 without biliary or diffuse liver disease, and 11 with acute cholecystitis and gallbladder stones) with a 0.5-T superconducting unit. On the T1-weighted(More)
The lifecycle fossil energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use are evaluated for a supercritical water approach to sugar production from cellulosic feedstocks. Bark and lignin are used for process heat. If grid electricity is used, the lifecycle fossil energy input is 9.0 MJ/kg of fermentable sugar. If the bark and lignin are used for combined heat(More)
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