Dexiang Wang

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We investigate the channel assignment problem in a cluster-based multi-channel cognitive radio sensor network in this paper. Due to the inherent power and resource constraints of sensor networks, energy efficiency is the primary concern for network design. An R-coefficient is developed to estimate the predicted residual energy using sensor information(More)
Populations of most marine organisms are connected by the dispersal of larval stages, with profound implications for marine conservation. Because of the extreme effort needed to empirically measure larval exchange, multispecies conservation efforts must estimate connectivity by extrapolation using taxonomy, adult distribution, life history, behavior, or(More)
In this paper, we focus on the design and analysis of a torus-based backbone architecture which targets to meet both the low delay and high reliability requirements of avionic time-critical communications. Reliable optical connection between arbitrary source-destination pairs is proposed by enabling four non-overlapping lightpaths between the source and(More)
—High demands in data delivery latency and communication reliability encourage the use of fault-tolerance-enhanced all-optical WDM networks. Low latency is satisfied by setting up a direct lightpath between any communication pair to enable one-shot transmission. High reliability is met by establishing multiple disjoint lightpaths from the source to the(More)
—Modeling and estimating the primary user (PU) behavior is critical to implement dynamic spectrum access in cognitive radio networks. In this paper, we investigate the estimation accuracy of the PU behavior based on the Markov model. Maximum Likelihood (ML) estimation is employed to estimate the transition probabilities of the Markov model based on the(More)
The nutritious acorns produced by oak trees (Quercus spp.) are attacked frequently by insects that feed on seed reserves. However, previous studies have partly considered the effects of insect infestations on animal seed dispersal and subsequent plant regeneration. In this study, we tested whether the effects of insect infestations on seed dispersal were(More)
The Pinus armandii and Quercus aliena var. acuteserrata mixed forest is one of the major forest types in the Qinling Mountains, China. P. armandii is considered to be a pioneer species during succession and it is usually invaded by late successional Q. aliena var. acuteserrata. However, the mechanism that underlies its invasion remains unclear. In the(More)
In this paper, we report our progress on the development of a simulation framework for optical local area networks, which enables a multi-layer network simulation and hence bridges the gap between the traditional signal-level and traffic-level simulators. The framework, called DRAGON (discrete-model register for Artifex-based general-purpose optical local(More)