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A complete surface reconstruction takes place after a local connection between two crossed tubes is established, leading to the creation of an extended X-shaped junction constituted by topological defects with smooth negative curvature. Molecular-dynamics simulations show that the surface reconstructions occur through (1) generalized Stone-Wales(More)
The advance in technologies of wireless sensor network (WSN) prompts the development of healthcare and, as a result, many wireless healthcare applications are springing up. In many scenarios, it is very common that nodes have the capability of mobility. For example, the nodes in body area networks move together with the movement of users. The MAC protocol(More)
Magnetostriction of ferromagnetic materials describes the change of their shape or dimension in response to the reorientation of magnetization under the influence of external magnetic field. Fe(100-x)Ga(x) binary alloys (Galfenol) have large magnetostriction and excellent ductility; and they are very promising rare-earth free materials for applications in(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations were carried out to investigate the pressure dependence of homogeneous defect nucleation behavior in bcc Mo. The crystal was sheared on the ð1 10Þ 1⁄211 1 slip system under different confining pressures. The defect nucleation stress was found to increase as the confining pressure increases. Dislocation loop was nucleated when(More)
In this paper, an approach of using image data field and pulse-coupled neuron network (PCNN) to fast extract palm lines is proposed for online palmprint images. Each pixel in an enhanced palmprint image is seen as a particle with the mass, which produces a data field. The data field is introduced to map the enhanced palmprint image from grayscale space to(More)
Separation-of-Duty (SoD) is a fundamental security principle for prevention of fraud and errors in computer security. It has been studied extensively in traditional access control models. However, the research of SoD policy in the recently proposed usage control (UCON) model has not been well studied. This paper formulates and studies the fundamental(More)
Policy inconsistencies may arise between safety and utility policies due to their opposite objectives. In this work we provide a formal examination of policy inconsistencies resolution for the coexistence of static separation-of-duty (SSoD) policies and strict availability (SA) policies. Firstly, we reduce the complexity of reasoning about policy(More)
Separation of Duty (SoD) is a widely used security principle to help prevent frauds in a business process. Recently presented usage control (UCON) has been considered as the next generation access control model. However, as a related and fundamental problem, the research of SoD policy in UCON has not been explored. In this paper, we give a formal definition(More)