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BACKGROUND In a previous study to determine the feasibility of common reference intervals in Asia, we found significant differences among populations from 6 cities. In this study, we attempted to define the sources of these differences. METHODS We enrolled 580 healthy volunteers (279 men, 301 women, 20-62 years old), after a selection process that was(More)
BACKGROUND A multicenter study conducted in Southeast Asia to derive reference intervals (RIs) for 72 commonly measured analytes (general chemistry, inflammatory markers, hormones, etc.) featured centralized measurement to clearly detect regionality in test results. The results of 31 standardized analytes are reported, with the remaining analytes presented(More)
BACKGROUND Early diagnosis of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is essential to allow appropriate treatment and prevent transmission. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the Elecsys(®) Anti-HCV II assay as a routine screening assay in Asia using a large number of samples from different Asian Pacific populations and compare its performance with other HCV assays(More)
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