Dewey McWhirter

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The effects of 9 months of aerobic exercise on aerobic work capacity (physical fitness), coronary heart disease risk factors, and sexuality were studied in 78 sedentary but healthy men (mean age, 48 years). The men exercised in supervised groups 60 min per day, 3.5 days per week on average. Peak sustained exercise intensity was targeted at 75-80% of maximum(More)
Excessive sleepiness occurs frequently in the general population and is a common feature of many psychiatric conditions. The reductions in quality of life associated with excessive sleepiness may be substantial, involving compromised cognitive performance and work productivity as well as possible harm to the individual and the public. Excessive sleepiness(More)
Any characteristic in the developmental stages of relationships has the potential for being at the core of a stage discrepancy problem. A few of the more frequently seen stage discrepancies are (a) reappearance of the individual in Stage Three in conflict with the merging of Stage One, (b) reappearance of the individual in Stage Three threatening the(More)
Although there is no specific therapy for gay male couples, this paper outlines the more critical issues therapists must understand to provide optimal treatment for gay male dyads. Additionally, the authors present new assumptions arising from their five year research study of 156 gay male couples living together from one to over 37 years. The most(More)
Although a body of scientific data about working with parents and families of gays and lesbians has not yet developed, there is a growing body of literature of an anecdotal and personal nature that has been cited. These works provide therapists with background information and clients needing assistance with guided reading. Therapists working with families(More)
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