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Ethernet is widely used in social life. It has become an important infrastructure in the information society. Ethernet over synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) is regarded as an economical and efficient scheme in the long-distance Ethernet interconnection. This paper considered the design of the Ethernet to E1 protocol converter, based on the frame(More)
In this paper, an accurate maximum likelihood (ML) signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) estimator is proposed for coded M-ary amplitude phase shift keying (APSK) signals over a slowly time-varying fading channel. The proposed estimator significantly improves the estimation precision at low SNRs by utilizing a posteriori probabilities of coded bits provided by(More)
A novel tribrachiation robot for power line inspection was introduced in this paper. The robot mainly contains a dual parallelogram frame with three arms and a movable payload. The frame structure is simple, but it can make each offline arm move in 3D space by cooperative control of only five motors. Special designed arm endows the robot strong ability to(More)
In this paper, based on analyzing the detector characteristics of modified Gardner (mGA) timing error detector examined before, an extended non-carrier-blind detector is proposed for quadratic phase shift keying (QPSK) signals. The timing jitter performance of new detector is about 2dB–10dB better than that of mGA at low and high signal-to-noise(More)
This paper describes an experimental minimally invasive surgical robot evaluation platform, in which a Phantom Omni haptic device is used as the master controller and a 7 degree-of-freedom Barrett arm is utilized as the biomimetic surgery robot manipulator. Remote center of motion (RCM) can be implemented by mechanical constraint or by virtual constraint.(More)
IEEE802.11 DCF (Distributed Coordination Function) protocol adopts binary exponential backoff (BEB) algorithm to reduce the probability of collision. However, when the network reaches saturation, throughput declines sharply with the increase of the number of stations (STAs) because of more collisions. In order to further avoid collisions and optimize the(More)
Wideband satellite communication channel can be considered as nonlinear memory channel, which can be described by Volterra model. To counter both nonlinear and memory effects, linear minimum mean square error (LMMSE) based turbo equalizer is proposed in this paper. Although LMMSE is a kind of affine transform, the nonlinear memory interference is cancelled(More)
In satellite communications, the linearity and efficiency of power amplifier are two mutual restrictive characteristics. Traditionally, back-off method is used to achieve a satisfied linearity zone, but its efficiency is too low. Depending on digital signal processing technology, baseband digital predistorter(DPD) is used in power amplifier system step by(More)
Raptor code is a kind of new fountain code which usually adopts belief propagation(BP) decoding algorithm. In order to improve the decoding success probability of Raptor code, this paper proposes two methods. On the one hand, we adopt a new construction method of check matrix for LDPC code, which can effectively avoid the girth of 4. On the other hand, we(More)