Dewei Yang

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Anthropogenic activity interacts with urban form and inner metabolic processes, ultimately impacting urban sustainability. China's cities have experienced many environmental issues and metabolic disturbances since the nationwide market-oriented " reform and opening-up " policy was adopted in the 1980s. To analyze urban reform policy impacts and metabolism(More)
Humans receive multiple benefits from various landscapes that foster ecological services and aesthetic attractiveness. In this study, a hybrid framework was proposed to evaluate ecological and aesthetic values of five landscape types in Houguanhu Region of central China. Data from the public aesthetic survey and professional ecological assessment were(More)
The yeast and human Pcf11 functions in both constitutive and regulated transcription and pre-mRNA processing. The constitutive roles of PCF11 are largely mediated by its direct interaction with RNA Polymerase II C-terminal domain and a polyadenylation factor, Clp1. However, little is known about the mechanism of the regulatory roles of Pcf11. Though similar(More)
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