Dewayne Moore

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The present study provides much needed empirical data on the adolescent loneliness experience. One hundred adolescents were given measures of loneliness, loneliness attributions, coping styles, and personal characteristics. Loneliness was positively related to state and trait anxiety, an external locus of control, depression, self-consciousness, and social(More)
We examined evaluation and regulation in adults and the relative contributions of working memory, components of working memory (storage and processing efficiency), and evaluation and regulation to text recall. Younger and older adults' sentence reading times, sentence rereadings, and memory for texts containing inconsistent information were assessed in an(More)
INTRODUCTION Although substantial research has been completed on the effects of sleep deprivation on performance, very little research has focused on language-based tasks. The purpose of the current study was two-fold: 1) to determine the extent to which short-term sleep deprivation affects language performance; and 2) to examine whether relatively short(More)
In Experiment 1 we examined young (mean age = 22.88 years) and old (mean age = 70.79 years) adults' ability to evaluate their understanding of texts. We examined ability to detect nonsense words (a lexical standard), violations of prior knowledge (an external consistency standard), and inconsistent sentences (an internal consistency standard) that were(More)
We used an error detection paradigm to examine the effects of skill on young (M = 23.74) and old (M = 68.87) adults' self-judged comprehension of texts. Skill was defined as the ability to evaluate comprehension by detecting text problems. Multiple regression results indicated that problematic texts produced lower comprehension judgments for older readers,(More)
This paper describes new wireless networking technology and its applications to off-road equipment. We present an overview of current wireless networking equipment as well as a description of a commercially available voice recognition package. We then demonstrate several examples of the use of wireless networking for control and automation on an(More)
We examined differences in the elaborative statements produced by younger (mean age = 22.19) and older (mean age = 76.56) adults during text recall as well as relations between elaborative statements and text recall and working memory. Three types of elaborative statements were examined: personal (reactions to a text), inferential (inferences derivable(More)
Resting blood pressure (BP) shows a negative relationship with pain sensitivity (BP-related hypoalgesia). In chronic pain conditions, this relationship is inverted. The precise mechanisms responsible for the inversion are unknown. Using a tonic pain protocol, we report findings closely resembling this inversion in healthy participants. Resting BP and state(More)