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SNOBOL4, a very good general purpose string manipulation language, has been made little use of in the past by researchers in the area artificial intelligence. Some of the possible reasons for this could be due to the akward syntax of the language (from the point-of-view of a procedure-orinted programmer) and the large memory requirements of the language in(More)
Surgical residents must record procedures performed and may choose to keep files of photographic slides, bibliographic references, and a curriculum vitae. Four databases that store this information are produced with an inexpensive and easily obtained microcomputer software program. A surgical procedure database is modeled after the procedure list(More)
To some, the most appealing aspect of the Internet has been thenotion of it as a "commons", a shared, global resource ofinformation and ideas, freely available to any member of anysociety. But is this a realistic view? Will legal, regulatory andtechnical changes currently afoot promote or imperil it? Does theincreasing consolidation of the ownership of(More)
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