Dewayne Harries

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Bioassay-directed isolation of antifungal compounds from an ethyl acetate extract of Ruta graveolens leaves yielded two furanocoumarins, one quinoline alkaloid, and four quinolone alkaloids, including a novel compound, 1-methyl-2-[6'-(3' ',4' '-methylenedioxyphenyl)hexyl]-4-quinolone. The (1)H and (13)C NMR assignments of the new compound are reported.(More)
Forty patients over 65 years of age with fractures of the proximal femur, whose operation was delayed more than 24 hours after admission for medical reasons, were studied. Length of post-operative stay on the orthopaedic wards, mobility after one month and need for continuing supervision by the geriatric services, after discharge from the orthopaedic wards,(More)
On 28th January, 1919, the leg was operated on and the fractured area exposed. I, found the upper end of the lower tibial fragment feebly united to the fibular fragments. The fractured surface of the upper tibial fragment was completely covered over by the tendon of the tibialis anticus, which was firmly united to it by dense fibrous tissue. A spur of bone,(More)
The first three were admitted in June 1918; the fourth in July 1918 ; tbe fifth in September 1918; and the sixth in December 1918. The first case refused operation, but the other five were operated on and the calculi removed. I am not going to give a detailed account of these cases as I only wish to draw attention to the main points of interest here. A(More)