Devon Mason

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A symptomatic myelolipoma of the heterotopic adrenal gland was diagnosed as the cause of nephrotic syndrome and was surgically removed. Remission of the nephrotic syndrome promptly ensued. Ultrastructurally, the tumor consisted of well-differentiated cells resembling adrenal cortical cells, bone marrow cells in various stages of differentiation, and lipid(More)
Since significant loss of endothelial cells (ECs) from the surface of a seeded prosthetic graft occurs after implantation, improved cell retention following exposure to flow should increase the likelihood of long-term success with this technology. An in vitro pulsatile flow circuit was developed to study the effects of two variables on cell retention: cell(More)
Biologics can improve bone formation, but may diffuse away from sites of therapeutic need. We developed a click-chemistry hydrogel that rapidly polymerizes in situ to control delivery of biologics during post-suturectomy resynostosis in 21-day-old male mice. Here, we used this model to determine the role of angiogenesis in post-suturectomy resynostosis and(More)
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