Devon Manley

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A method was developed for the determination of aflatoxins, M1, B1, G1, B2, and G2 in animal tissues, meat, eggs, and dairy products by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Previous extraction procedures were modified to optimize the precision and recovery of the method. HPLC is performed isocratically with a 5 micrometer microparticulate(More)
Diffusive gradient in thin-film (DGT) passive samplers are frequently used to monitor the concentrations of metals such as mercury and zinc in sediments and other aquatic environments. The application of these samplers generally presumes that they quantify only the dissolved fraction and not particle-bound metal species that are too large to migrate into(More)
A previously reported reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) procedure was modified to permit the determination of the parent aflatoxins and various free and conjugated metabolites in animal tissues. The modified procedure was based on HPLC analysis of duplicate portions of a sample extract which had been prepared with and without(More)
The problem of separating the liquid components which have been recovered from natural gas is discussed. Opportunities for improved efficiency using distributed distillation, recycle coupling, heat pumping, and partial effect distillation are presented. Emphasis is placed upon energy efficiency with potential savings in capital costs as applied to heat(More)
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