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Donation after cardiac death (DCD) has proven effective at increasing the availability of organs for transplantation.We performed a retrospective examination of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) records of all 201 donors from 1/1/98 to the 11/2008, including 54 DCD, 115 DBD and 32 DCD candidates that did not progress to donation (DCD-dnp). Comparing(More)
Two of the authors developed a computer-based software system that is capable of diagnosing approximal caries and making decisions about restorative care. The system was compared with decisions made by a group of experienced clinicians. The results indicate that the clinician viewers overall correctly identified a similar number of surfaces as the software,(More)
We present three patients with Treacher Collins or Pierre Robin syndromes who had historical and physical evidence of airway obstruction, difficulty feeding, and sleep disturbances. These preoperative findings correlated with difficult airway management intraoperatively. Based on this experience, we recommend that children with obstructive symptoms have(More)
A simple system was developed to collate the errors made when radiographic surveys are taken of the complete mouth. A radiographic critique form was used to evaluate each radiograph. This study used 1150 complete-mouth radiographic surveys made by junior dental students. From a total of 24,150 radiographs, 2238 were clinically unacceptable as a result of(More)
OBJECTIVES Reports of patient injuries associated with videolaryngoscopy are increasing in the literature. There are a wide variety of opinions regarding both safe use of the device and patient care following aerodigestive tract injury. We have seen an increase in videolaryngoscopy-associated injuries in recent years at our institution. Because of this, we(More)
1. Exposures to internal sites in the phantom varied as follows: Panorex, 0.3 mr to 2.4 r; Orthopantomography, 0.4 mr to 0.8 r; Panelipse, 0.2 mr to 1.4 r. 2. With the phantom exposed for a normal-density radiograph at 65 KVP, the average radiation exposure at the sites measured were for the Panorex, Orthopantomograph, and Panelipse respectively: 8, 13, and(More)
New electronic imaging capabilities afforded by the use of linear charged-couple device arrays allow acquisition of three-dimensional information through simultaneous recordings from multiple sensors situated at different fixed angles. In theory, the resulting data can be processed to yield images tailored to specific diagnostic tasks that can be produced(More)