Devon Delvecchio

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The authors examined recruitment message viewing time, information recall, and attraction in a Web-based context. In particular, they extended theory related to the cognitive processing of recruitment messages and found that the provision of customized information about likely fit related to increased viewing time and recall when good aesthetics were also(More)
We propose that brand equity can influence job seekers’ perceptions of job opportunities. Our results suggest that job seekers view working for a strong brand as a way to build the power of their résumé. The belief that strong brands build powerful résumés is, in part, the outcome of job seekers’ beliefs that working for a strong brand will allow them to(More)
A discount may be defined by the location in which, and frame by which, it is communicated. Discount framing, particularly the differences etween cents-off and percentage-off discounts, has been widely studied. Discount location (e.g., proximate to or distal from regular price info) has eceived considerably less attention. We employ the(More)
This paper examines to what extent, if any, natural environmental factors affect consumer purchase decisions regarding “green” products. We collect and combine several unique datasets to study the impact of air pollution on consumers’ choices of passenger vehicles in China. Exploiting crosscity variation, we find that air pollution levels negatively affect(More)
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